Dare to Change!


Change is one thing that people are really scared about because change will lead to uncertainty.

If you don’t change then you’ll left behind whether you like it or not. Here is an example to open your eyes:

  • back then Motorola was the king for connecting people using their pager technology
  • After a decade, Motorola market share was screwed because Nokia came to the market and introduced their cell phone.
  • For few years back, everyone thought Nokia was unbeatable because their sales was even higher than the country (Finland) annual income (can you imagine that?)
  • Yet when Blackberry dive into the market, Nokia market down to the sink.
  • Again blackberry didn’t stay in top position that long. Nowadays is the era of smartphone.
  • Is this the end? I doubt it.

Change is inevitable and it happens in almost area in our life. So, adapt or die! Continue reading “Dare to Change!”

Wake Up Call!

This is gonna be the most important article I ever write in this blog, a wake up call! Please read it carefully

What is wake up call?

It’s a life event that really surprise you! Well most of the time, it’s not a good surprise.

Can you show me a wake up call? Sure, see this short video:

This is a short clip from a movie called: Up In The Air starred by no other than George Clooney (I love this movie).

Imagine if one day, in your middle age like 35+, you’re fired. Do you think you are prepared for this situation? Most of the time, you don’t.

How so? Continue reading “Wake Up Call!”

I’m Back!

It been 3 years since I published my last post and you know what, it wasn’t because I didn’t want to put any new content (believe me, I want it so badly) in this blog but I just didn’t know what to write most of the time 🙁

This time, I want to must change!

Why should I? Because I think it’s time to go to the next level and I want to use my blog more as my playbook. (I use term ‘playbook’ because I’m inspired by this guy! He actually write a playbook)

The first milestone- Revamp the site!

Back then the content of this site is more about internet marketing craps and fairy tales. This time you’ll not see that often, I promise! I took down every useless page I have in this site so I can start over.

From now on, this blog is my (again) playbook. If you don’t like it, please leave soon otherwise you’ll get bored to death.

What is My goal? US$1 Million in 3 Year from My Business!

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Evaluasi Tahun 2012: My Complete Journey Revealed

Thanks God! You are GREAT!

Tahun 2012 merupakan tahun yang penuh makna dalam kehidupan saya. Banyak sekali hal yang terjadi dan tentunya campur tangan Tuhan lah yang membuat banyak impian menjadi kenyataan. Continue reading “Evaluasi Tahun 2012: My Complete Journey Revealed”

Pilih Tertekan atau Tertantang?

Hidup adalah suatu pilihan adalah satu dari moto yang saya pegang. Dalam hidup kita harus membuat pilihan walaupun terkadang pilihan yang kita ambil itu berat, contohnya dalam menghadapi suatu tekanan hidup, kita bisa memilih untuk tertekan atau tertantang!

Mari kita simak kisah di bawah ini:

Alkisah ada dua orang manager (manager A dan B) yang sedang di omeli oleh atasannya (bos) karena penjualan perusahaannya menurun drastis di depan karyawan yang lain: Continue reading “Pilih Tertekan atau Tertantang?”

Awas Google Lagi Razia Besar Besaran

I’m Back! Wew udah hampir 2 bulan saya absen tulis blog. Emang rada susah ya mau disiplin tulis blog. Oke kali ini saya mau bahas tentang amukan Google Panda yang terjadi beberapa hari lalu, 19 Maret 2012.

Sebelum bahas lebih lanjut, coba Anda buka Google.co.id, lalu ketikkan ‘site:NamaDomainAnda.com, apakah hasil yang Anda lihat: Continue reading “Awas Google Lagi Razia Besar Besaran”